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Speak Your Truth. Feel Confident. Attract Love.

Leading you to shift out of imbalance of professional to personal life and trust again.

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Hi, I'm Keshia!

Simply put, I am an Energy Alignment Specialist that teaches you to alchemize the pain into love, peace and happiness.


My programs are potent to expanding you to your full potential and relate on many levels to truly help you excel. 

What This Means..

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Fear vs Faith Based Decisions

We are faced with decisions constantly whether it be big or small. As we filter through them, there are instances where we have to pause to see if it is the right fit at the right time. While we pause there are certain triggers within the body that lets us know if we should or shouldn't move forward with that decision.


Understanding & Controlling The Energy Within You

Energy and how we use it can be the result of a good day or bad day. The key is to be mindful of your energy and how you utilize it daily. We are all energetic beings and how we choose to use this in our daily life is a gift of free will. Without the factors of diet, weather and hormonal exchanges,


Trusting From Within The Spiritual Growth Process

Inside we are given such a gift of synchronicity and trust that it saddens me to know how much this is taken from us with societal norms and taught ways to live. This gift to trust what is around us, embrace the now and know that what is right, is right within us. So much has been taught based on judgement that we are not right.


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#1 Program to Break free from Inner Strongholds

Like a phoenix that rise, its time to RAISE to be seen, heard, loved at the level you deserve to be treated. Overcome the personal battles in a private setting, to feel confident, loved and appreciated as a successful woman. 

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It's all about living well

To have the abundance, the fire inside you ignited to live the clear authentic path that empowers you - you need the insight within.  Outside of my programs, I am an author and a master creator.  

I have intuitively designed a tea to help you connect on deeper levels as well as reduce inflammation. In addition, I have received powerful symbols to help with activations and clearings.  


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